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Office Closed due to Current Weather Warnings – Wednesday 28th Feb to Friday 2nd March

The office will be closed on Wednesday the 28th of February, Thursday the 1st of March and Friday the 2nd of March due to the adverse weather conditions.

For Motor Breakdown Assistance please phone 01 804 4328.

For claims you can contact your insurer on the number below. Please email us details at

For urgent calls your can contact Derek on 086 0400567


Insurer  Motor Claims Dept Breakdown Assist  Windscreen Replacement Property Claims
 Aviva  1890 666888 01 804 4328  AutoGlass 1850 36 36 22  1890 290 100
01 804 4328 Mr. Windscreen 1850 512345
 ARB  01 525 7900 01 804 4328  AllGlass 1890 20 12 12  01 525 7900
 Autoglass  —- 01 804 4328  1850 363 655  —-
 All Glass  —- 01 804 4328  1890 20 12 12  —-
 Axa  1890 247 365 01 804 4328 All Glass 1890 20 12 12  1890 247 365
01 804 4328 Mr. Windscreen 1850 512345
 Allianz  1890 779 999 01 804 4328  1890 779 999  1890 779 999
 AIG 1890 27 27 27 01 804 4328  01 859 9899  1890  272727
 Benchmark  —- 01 804 4328  1890 670670  1890 290 100
 FBD  1890 617 617 01 804 4328  1890 617 617  1890 617 617
 Kennco  01 499 4600 01 804 4328  1890 20 20 21  01 499 4600
 Liberty  1850 85 85 90 01 804 4328  1890 94 44 10  1850 85 85 90
 Patrona  053 9180333 01 804 4328  All Glass 1890 809 804  —–
 Prestige  1890 88 25 25 01 804 4328  1890 88 25 25  1890 882525
 Sertus  1890 924 288 01 804 4328  1890 887 992   —-
 RSA  1890 924 288 01 804 4328  Autoglass 1850 887 992  1890 290 100
 Wrightway  053 9167184 01 804 4328  1800 508 508  —–
 Zurich  1890 208 408 01 804 4328  AllGlass 1890 20 12 12  1890 208 408

Home Insurance – Top tips to get the best quote!

Home Insurance – Top tips to get the best quote!

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Recent surveys have shown that Home Insurance is one of the bills we generally overlook and tend to renew year after year without actively shopping around for a better quote!

We have compiled a few tips here to help you cut the cost of your Home Insurance bill and to ensure you are getting the correct level of cover required for your home:

1: Review your Sums Insured

Sounds like the obvious thing to do but a lot of people are actually unaware of what their sums insured are on their policy! If your policy is running for 5 years or more there may be index linking on your policy which would have increased your Sums insured annually over a period of years to the fact that you may be over or under insured currently. Also with the Building market on the rise again it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate your sums insured. If you are insure of what the rebuilding cost of your home is check out the rebuild calculator available on the Society of Chartered Surveyors to help guide you.

2: Security

The more secure your property is the more attractive you become to Insurers. Unfortunately your pet dog doesn’t fall into this category but having mortice deadlocks on doors and key operating locks on windows along with monitored home alarm systems all generate discounts with Insurance companies which will drive your quote down. Be sure to advise your insurer if you have had an alarm installed since you first took out your policy.

3: Contents & Specified Items

It’s important to evaluate the level of cover you currently have on your contents, again if you over-value your contents you will be paying more than you need to be. If you have listed specified items on your policy such as mobile phones, tablets & smart watches you may be better off taking out a specific gadget insurance policy for these items. This will be a more cost effective way of insuring the items and as they have a high claims ratio it will not affect your home insurance if you need to make a claim on one of them.

4: Shop Around

A high percentage of people take out their home insurance with their mortgage lender as part of the mortgage process. There is no obligation to stay with this insurer at renewal and shopping around generally will save you money compared to lenders rates.

5: Choose O’Loughlin Insurance!

We would love to deal with your home insurance policy. We have highly qualified and friendly staff who will find the best deal for you and give you that personal touch that you miss out on when dealing with larger direct firms. We deal with over 15 Insurers for home insurance so we will find a package that suits your pocket!

Give our Personal Lines team a call to compare your renewal and for a highly competitive quote!

T: 0-8408060




Declined Life Cover???

A decline on life cover is pretty uncommon and is quite serious!

A life company will usually decline cover due to a serious pre-existing condition, or due to a number of less severe conditions.

It may have been that your case was not presented in the best light, to the insurance company.

We specialise in all types of Life & Pensions Products such as:

Life Cover | Mortgage Protection | Serious Illness Cover | Pensions | Investments

Why not contact our friendly and fully qualified Financial Advisor Claire Mackle today on 01-9052745 and she may be able to help!




Declined Cover

The benefits of using an Insurance broker



The benefits of using an Insurance broker

It’s that time of year again when your dreaded insurance renewal comes through the door..! With insurance premiums continuing to rise at an alarming rate in Ireland, finding the right level of insurance can be a very time consuming and expensive task. If you’re hoping to source a better deal or unsure of the level of cover you require then an insurance broker is the ideal solution!

At O’Loughlin Insurance Group we are experts in the market and it is our job to find you the best cover that suits your needs at the best price!

Here are some of the main advantages of using an Insurance broker:

1: Cost effective

The sole aim for the broker is to find their clients the very best price for their insurance that meets their budget. They will source out the cheapest price available with the appropriate level of cover that you require so you avoid buying a policy that doesn’t adequately cover your needs.

2: Time effective

Trawling online sites for quotes and phoning around can be a tireless and time consuming task. One phone call to your insurance broker and they will do the hard work for you!

3: Peace of mind

When buying policies online it is very easy to leave yourself short in terms of cover and benefits as it difficult to fully understand the insurance jargon. However by buying a policy through a broker you can be confident that you are getting the most adequate cover that you require and your broker can explain the benefits and features of your policy in simple terms. Insurance brokers are more efficient at cross checking policies and educating their clients on types of cover and answering any queries they may have than direct channels.

4: Claims Service

Anybody who has been involved in a claim before will now how stressful and complicated the process can be. This can lead to a very time consuming and frustrating process for the client. An insurance broker will handle all claims for you, minimising stress and helping you get the best resolution to the claim in a shorter turnaround than direct channels.

5: Long standing relationships

Insurance brokers pride themselves on building long term relationships with their clients. This means that the client will generally have a personal account handler looking after their needs and will be able to get to know you properly therefore understanding your every need to find the best policies. With direct channels it is almost impossible to build a relationship with any agent and you will generally be passed around from one person to the next.


To summarise Insurance Brokers are experts in the market and with their selected group of insurers they will find you the best cover at the best price!

If you’re shopping around for niche products or require cover for an unusual risk then Insurance brokers can use their knowledge and experience to source the correct cover for you.

At O’Loughlin Insurance Group we deal with all types of Insurance from Personal to Large Commercial risk and Life & Pensions needs.

To obtain a quotation or enquire about any of our products please feel free to drop into our offices or contact me on either of the below formats.

Colin Rafferty CIP

Personal Lines Manager

T: 01-9052742


Personal Insurance: Car | Van | Home | Rental Properties | Travel | Gadget

Commercial Insurance: Shops & Offices | Restaurants | Liability | Tradesmen | Fleets 

Niche Schemes: Camera & Drone Insurance | Musician Insurance| TV & Film Insurance

Financial Services: Life & Serious Illness Cover |Pensions | Savings & Investments


Engineering Inspection Cover

Are you aware that specific plant, lifting and pressurised equipment needs to be periodically inspected under current Irish regulations* otherwise you may face regulatory action or even criminal prosecution?

Engineering inspections are an essential aspect of ensuring the safety of plant and machinery. Depending on the industry people work in and the types of plant and machinery they use,  inspections can be relatively straight forward or highly complex.

Statutory requirements

Statutory requirements relating to the inspection of plant and maximum intervals at which each should be inspected:

  • Hoist or Lifts: Thorough examination every 6 months.
  • Vehicle Lifting Table: To be thoroughly examined every 12 months.
  • Cranes/Lifting Machines: Thorough examination of all parts including anchorages every 12   months. Lifting machines may not be used for the first time unless tested, or if dismantled and re- erected. Except when used to   lift people, then every 6 months.
  • Lifting Tackle, Chains: Thorough examination every 6 months. May not be used for first time unless tested.
  • Steam Boilers: Steam Boilers together with fittings and attachments require thorough examination every 14 months or after extensive repairs. Also a further examination under normal steam pressure   within 3 months of the thorough examination, new or second hand may not be used until certified.
  • Steam Receivers: Thorough examination every 26 months. Second hand Steam Receivers must be certified or examined before being used for the first time.
  • Air Receivers: Similar to Steam Receivers.

The above is a guide to the current statutory requirements. These requirements are subject to change in line with regulations and legislation.

Some areas where you may not think inspection cover is required

  • Warehouse- Forklifts, elevators, Pressure lifts etc.
  • Coffee shop- Boiler, Some high pressure coffee machines etc.
  • Factory – Gas boilers, Water pumps, Hydraulic machinery, work tools, Lifts, etc.
  • Hotels – Lifts, Geothermal heating systems, Boilers, Air-conditioning etc
  • Shops- Escalators, fork lifts in ware house, air-conditioning, refrigeration units, etc.
  • Apartments – Passenger lifts.
  • Schools – boiler systems, lifts

Some other examples of equipment that need inspection cover

  • Auto firing Units
  • Grinding Machines
  • Compressors
  • Metal Guillotines
  • Dock Levellers
  • Ladders
  • Electric and Manual Roller Shutter Doors
  • Escalators
  • Excavators
  • Storage Tanks
  • Waste Compactors

Please contact us in the office on 01 8408060 if you think there is a chance that you may need inspection cover. Remember this is required by law.

Employment Practices Liability – Special Offer


Employment Practices Liability cover including:

  • Online Employment Manual to assist in complying with Employment Legislation
  • Unlimited Access to Legal Advice Helpline that gives you the peace of mind of speaking with a Solicitor who can guide you on a range of legal issues including Employment related queries & Contract Disputes.
  • Insures you for Defence Costs for Legal Representation at Employment and other Tribunals.
  • Covers awards made against you at these Tribunals, (note co-insurance may apply in some cases). – For example Legal Defence applies to Health and Safety Prosecutions & NERA (National Employment Rights Agency)
  • Tax Protection, In the event of a Revenue Audit covers your Accountants fees to prepare work relating to your revenue audit.
  • Legal Advice Helpline – Access to a Solicitor who can advise you on a range of Legal matters at no extra cost to you.
  • Counselling Helpline that is available to all of your Employees and their Family Members


All this provided under one policy underwritten by the market leaders DAS Legal Expenses. Policy premiums start from €295.00 for wageroll up to €500,000. 

To avail of this service with the peace of mind of insurance backed protection then we just require you to confirm to us that you wish to proceed and we will arrange for the full policy to be issued to you.

We will also provide you with details of the access to the Online Employment Manual, Legal Advice Helpline, and the other valuable benefit that can protect you and your business from the unforeseen cost of Legal Defence and Awards at Employment and other Tribunals.

If you wish to clarify any of the details please call us on 01 8406080 or email:

*Some recent claim examples

Tribunal orders redundancy payout for sacked Abrakebabra workers

Gemma O’Doherty settles unfair dismissal case against Independent Newspapers

Warehouse worker sacked for eating a jam tart

Hotdog and wine gums dispute gets fired Cineworld worker €20,000

Woman sacked after child played in créche toilet bowl gets €15k

Woman sacked for cursing and flirting at work fights back – gets €12,500

Camera Insurance


O‘Loughlin Insurance Group has over 25 years experience in the insurance industry within Ireland. We specialise in insuring Photographers, Videographers, Journalists and Video/Film Makers as well as providing specialist insurance cover to Trade Bodies and Camera Clubs. We can even cover Photo Libraries and processing specialists. We really do have a policy for everyone.

Who Are We?

We are a true broker, Irish Owned and Irish based! Most insurance providers that offer cover in the field use one or two insurers. We have a panel of specialists meaning that we can go to them and get the best deal for you.

What cover do we Offer?

We can cover everything from your;

  • Equipment and images
  • Public Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Business Interruption
  • Personal Accident
Or if you have a specialist requirement talk to us and we will do our very best to help. We have a range of policies that can be tailored to your needs. We can cover full time professionals right through to amateur enthusiasts or the occasional photo or video shoot.

Time consuming forms? No Need for any of them!

If we need to send you a form if will be pre completed for you to check over and sign and return to us.

We aim for it to be as easy as possible for you to do business with us. If we need any additional information from you then we will simply give you a call or drop you an email.

Remember!! We aim to offer a policy tailored to you and your needs. If you need a wider scope of cover than that being offered to you please talk to us about it – we will always consider reasonable requests for additional covers.

What about Claims?

When you make a claim a simple form via email is all that we need.

We believe that we have the fastest claims service in the market.

A majority of our equipment claims are authorised within 24 hours of our receipt of all the information and documentation that we need.

If we can’t manage this then we are usually able to authorise hire charges to keep you working whilst we sort out the claim.

Our insurances are placed through the leading provider in the UK – Aaduki Multimedia Insurance.

To obtain a quotation

Please complete your details on our Quotation Page.

Please note that this form doubles up as a proposal form, so you will not have to complete any other other forms if you go ahead with cover.

Musician Insurance

Our policy is designed to cover all musical instruments, whether classical instruments, electronic instruments or digital equipment. We insure all types of instruments including Oboe, Double Bass, Piccolo, Bassoon, Trombone, Horn, Bagpipes, Cello, Viola, Violin, Harps, Piano, Harpsichords… if you play it we are likely to insure it!

In addition to insuring your musical instrument you can insure your bow, amp, case etc.

You can also purchase third party liability cover under our policy.

What kind of musician are you?

  • Professional
  • Semi pro
  • Keen amateur
  • Beginner
  • Student
  • Casual player


Our policy is designed as a musical instrument policy for professional or semi pro musicians or keen amateurs:

  • have instruments of any value or require worldwide cover
  • take a lot of equipment out of home
  • undertake regular gigs and concerts
  • travel and play overseas
  • might be paid to play
  • require public liability insurance (third party liability insurance)


Features of the policy:

  • Cover for loss, theft or accidental damage
  • Unlimited sums assured
  • Options of Worldwide cover, EU only and Premises only
  • Public liability excluded but option to include at €1.3m, €2.6m or €6.5m
  • No excess as standard, but the option to include an excess of €100 or €250